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rach lunx

The most Arch Linux installer


please don't be mad at me if this script deletes something important


  1. Choose a custom script (optional)
  2. Boot into the Arch installer image
  3. mkcd /tmp/rach
  4. Choose a disk device to erase with fdisk -l or something similar (yes, the installer will erase its entire partition table)
  5. curl -L overli.st/rach | tar -xz && ./rach.sh base <disk> (add -p <prefix> to specify an NVMe prefix)
  6. Configure the timezone, locales and the hostname
  7. Ctrl + D
  8. Log in as root (don't worry, the account gets automatically locked after the next step)
  9. /usr/share/rach/rach.sh userspace <username> [custom script without .sh]


The whole installer is built in a way that allows for very easy debugging. By simply sourcing the tasks.sh file, you get immediate access to all the individual steps of the installation process.

All tasks are prefixes with one of the following environments:

  • iso: Shell that you get in the installer ISO image
  • chroot: Chroot shell inside of the half-baked system root
  • root: Root shell in the booted system
  • user: User shell in the booted system