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2 years ago
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2 years ago
# rach lunx
2 years ago
The most Arch Linux installer
## Disclaimer
2 years ago
please don't be mad at me if this script deletes something important
## Usage
0. Choose a [custom script](./custom) (optional)
2 years ago
1. Boot into the Arch installer image
2. `mkcd /tmp/rach`
3. Choose a disk device to erase with `fdisk -l` or something similar (yes, the installer will erase its entire partition table)
1 year ago
4. `curl -L overli.st/rach | tar -xz && ./rach.sh base <disk>` (add `-p <prefix>` to specify an NVMe prefix)
5. [Configure the timezone, locales and the hostname](https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/Installation_guide#Time_zone)
6. Ctrl + D
1 year ago
7. Log in as `root` (don't worry, the account gets automatically locked after the next step)
8. `/usr/share/rach/rach.sh userspace <username> [custom script without .sh]`
## Design
2 years ago
The whole installer is built in a way that allows for very easy debugging. By
simply sourcing the `tasks.sh` file, you get immediate access to all the
individual steps of the installation process.
All tasks are prefixes with one of the following environments:
- `iso`: Shell that you get in the installer ISO image
- `chroot`: Chroot shell inside of the half-baked system root
- `root`: Root shell in the booted system
- `user`: User shell in the booted system